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Alex Jones & His Team at Infowars, are at The Forefront of The Patriot Movement in America Today. The Website is Full of Information That is Vital to Our Cause. It Also is The Home of His National Radio Show & an Archive of Articles by Him & His Team. Dr Katherine Albrecht is The Leading Authority Within The Patriot Movement, on RIFD Chips & All Electronic Devices The Government Uses to Track Our Lives. Home to Her National Radio Show. The 3rd largest political party in the USA. The Constitution Party is dedicated to getting candidates elected who embrace the US Constitution and WILL NOT abandon the law of the land. More emphasis on the freedoms we are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and smaller government are the ideals of our republic.
The Video Home to Alex Jones. With Movies, Infowars Nightly News & In Depth Interviews From The Frontlines in Austin TX Gerald Celente & His Team alerts you to critical domestic and international trends long before they show up in the mainstream media Mike Adams & His Team are the Experts on GMOs, Big Pharma, Big Agri, Mass Poisoning Government Programs & Everything Healthy for The Movement Members
Former & Current Military & Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputiues, Federal Agenst, & Others That Have Stood By Their Oaths of Defending The Constitution & The US Citizenry Home of The Author of "End Of America". Naomi is A staunch Advocate of The US Constitution The Home for News on Natural Foods, Natural Remedies & A Non Chemical Way of Life
In Depth Reporting & Analysis of Mainstream Stories That Effect Patriots A Site That Offers a Platform to Get Your Message Out A Site Chock Full of Info About The Jesuits, The Illuminati & The Catholic Church's  Evil Plans to Control The Globe With All of It's Info Based and Referenced From The KJV Bible: The Inspired Word of God
The Former Director of Goldman-Sachs Was The Whistle-Blower Behind "It Takes a Pilage", & Exposed The Corrupt Banking System Here in America Get off the Google wagon. Google provides the government with everything you do thru their server. In other words they are reporting what you're thinking. Smart Page DOES NOT report or sell any of your info. They don't track your IP address. Search the web in privacy. It's your business and no one elses!!! The Spearhead of The World Wide Movement to Fight Global Tyranny. Paul Joseph Watson is Based in UK, & is Part of The Infowars Team as Their Chief Foriegn Correspondent
A grass roots organization taking on the 2 party sysytem that the government & press shoves down outr throat. Free & Equal sponsored the most watched debates of the 2012 election as the #rd Party Debates offered real answers and real candidates. Join the fight and support the USA and help to make sure that we do have a REAL choice when it comes to the political process. Get Your World News With a View of Where it Fits in With The KJV Bible An Organization That Helps You Know Your Rights & How to Enforce Them Effectively
Want to know the REAL power & duty of a Jury? This sight will give you ALL the information you need to be a TRUE & EFFECTIVE juror. Dedicated to getting people the history public schools don’t teach to motivate them to push back at the erosion of our liberties and restore constitutionally limited small government. “Because no one is above the law”. To this end, Judicial Watch uses the open records or freedom of information laws and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities.

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